my kriya


Yoga clears my mind and gives me space to breathe – at its very core, this is what yoga is. It allows me to empty out the junk-drawer that is my head, dust off all the pieces, clean out all the corners, and then put everything back. A little cleaner, a little more room to breathe, cobwebs gone. I love it mentally and physically. I love to work hard and sweat. I strive for precision – that is where I find the sweet spots. To me yoga is a dance; it is an expressive bodily language of gratitude, of surrender and of love.

My practice and my classes exist around this opportunity for clarity and expression, the intention being to create a moving meditation through the connection of body and breath.


Graduate of the 200hr YTT at Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco – an education of great depth of knowledge and experience from people whom I feel fortunate to call my teachers.


Big blue sky just before the night.

Om mani padme hum.