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Let’s see where I end up! Keep your eyes on this site, see my calendar for new schedules, and if you are interested in keeping up with where I land in case it’s near you (or you want to visit!), please sign up to my newsletter :)

à bientôt… -pajarito



•• Check back often for updates on when and where you can find me teaching ••


private classes

PRIVATE   Yoga in your home or preferred location, based purely on you, your intentions, your body and your schedule.

SEMI PRIVATE   Bring friends and family together for yoga on a birthday, before a wedding, during a weekend getaway, or for any reason you like! Also available for semi-private kiddies' group yoga (numbers limited). 

WORKPLACE   "Yoga is the science of the mind." (Sri Swami Satchidananda) And within that science lies the ability to learn about, control, rejuvenate, and focus the mind. Yoga is invaluable in creating a stress-balanced environment that can increase the well-being and productivity of all.


Please email for details and quotes.

Certified, experienced and insured.