Weekend retreat: Join us! See the stars from your bed. Laugh around a campfire. Breathe in the ocean air. Find your roots in nature. Come and remember that place inside you that says, "here, I’m home."

We’re offering a space where you can reconnect with nature and yourself, and perhaps forge some new bonds along the way – a space to be yourself, together. Located at Koa Tree Camp, a glamping site on the north Devon/Cornwall border, you’ll find an earthy attitude where muddy boots are welcome, nourishing home cooked food, nurturing hosts, and the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice with an experienced teacher. 

ABOUT US   Ali and Hannah met growing up on the coast of Kenya as two sea-swimming, ballet dancing, nature-connected children. Over the years they’ve each lived across several continents and taken their own journeys towards teaching yoga. A fateful year saw them reunited here on the same continent, and when Ali visited the glamping site that Hannah runs, this retreat was born.

ALI CELLINI is a yoga instructor currently based in Cambridge. She trained in San Francisco at Purusha Yoga School, where she was fortunate enough to learn from the wealth of experience that is its owner and head teacher, Joy Ravelli. To Ali, yoga is like a dance, an expressive language of connection. It's about exploration, and it's also about space – emptying of all our distractions, so that we can find ourselves. Her practice and her classes exist around this opportunity for clarity and expression, in hard work and ultimately in surrender. Finding the sweet spots.

HANNAH MARSH, of Koa Tree Camp and Hush & Wild Yoga, has practised various forms of yoga for the last decade or so, and has a particular interest in Yin and restorative forms of yoga, working with pregnant women, and a nature-connected flow. She completed her yoga teacher training with Dan Peppiatt at Yoga Like Water, and is currently a trainee teacher as she skipped a weekend of the training course to give birth to her son, Miles. She teaches at Koa Tree, Loveland Farm and various other outdoor locations in the north Devon/Cornwall area. 

KOA TREE CAMP, run by Hannah and her team, sits on a small holding on the north Devon/Cornwall border. Spacious geo-domes and wooden cabins comfortably house guests, while a large communal kitchen, and lounge area, and well as lots of outdoor space, mean there’s plenty of room to read, walk, rest and explore. There’s an onsite massage hut, and beautiful Welcombe Mouth is our nearest beach. 

TWO BEARS KITCHEN   Hannah and her husband Simon also run Two Bears Kitchen. Their focus is on locally grown, organic and seasonal ingredients, foraged flavours and nourishing food. They’ll be providing healthy, delicious meals throughout your stay. 

•Arrive: Friday, 21st September; Depart: Monday, 24th September, 2018
•Koa Tree Camp, Welcombe, Bideford, Devon EH39 6HE
•Regular rate: £385 per person  [geo-dome shared between 2 people]
•Discounted rate: £325 per person  [geo-dome shared between 3 people]
•Student rate: £280 per person  [cabin shared between 2–3 university students]

EMAIL ME – ali@ali-cellini.com – TO SIGN UP!