"Ali is a lovely teacher whose classes are an expression of her wonderful creativity, delightful musical inclinations, and sincere desire to share with her students." – Karen

"Ali is an incredible teacher, whose flows are beautiful, strong and full of integrity, striking a real balance between effort and ease. She has a special presence as a teacher - she is kind, creates an environment where you can test your limits or stay well within their bounds without any judgement or prescription. Her singing of mantras at the end of the class is second-to-none - so special, so captivating, so transporting. A privilege to have such a wonderful teacher." – Jasmine

"My husband and I took Ali's class together and loved it! My husband is in very good physical shape and I am just starting to exercise, but Ali modified each pose so that it was challenging and enjoyable for the both of us. Ali is such a sweet and playful person, yet also very strong and focused. We always left her class feeling challenged, centered, and in a cheerful mood." – Ashlee

"My favourite yogi... her classes flow with ease for me – the love, the flow, and her beautiful voice." – Maggs

"Ali is one of the best yoga instructors that I have met. She is humble enough to create a welcoming atmosphere in her classes while bold enough to push her students to meet their limits in a safe and respectful way. Ali's classes flow seamlessly, at a rhythm and level accessible to all, whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years. Meeting someone as genuine and talented as Ali is a unique experience in an era when the number of yoga studios and teachers is growing by the day. If you have a chance to take a class with her, don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed." – Beau

"Ali is an amazing teacher. She's caring and empathetic in a way that you can feel in her thoughtful adjustments. She's creative and offbeat in a way that is tangible in her classes, flow and music. I could not have asked for a better yoga partner. Take her classes!" – Alex

"Lovely classes always… and chanting. I always felt like I got a good stretch, wriggle and strengthen and came out feeling more centred and relaxed than when I came in. I took her workshop as well, which was a great springboard into my home practice and into making yoga work for me – and having the confidence to take that into subsequent classes." – Kathryn